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15 July 2010 @ 07:17 pm
sixty: I'M A MONSTER - a byakuran fanmix  

12 songs for Byakuran of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

a 100 fst

It's amazing, I'm the reason
Everybody fired up this evening
I'm exhausted, barely breathing
Holding on to what I believe in

No matter what, you'll never take that from me
My reign is as far as your eyes can see
It's amazing, so amazing, so amazing, so amazing
It's amazing

I'm a monster, I'm a killer
I know I'm wrong
I'm a problem
That'll never ever be solved

Isn't it just amazing? Everyone is angry
and bleeding and wanting you dead - this:
the death, and the tears, and screams - it's
all for you. How amazing~

So I ran with the devil
Left a trail of excuses,
Like a stone on the water,
The elements decide my fate,
Watch it go..."bling".

When I offer you survival,
You say it's hard enough to live,
Don't tell me that it's over,
Stand up
Poor and tired,
But more than this

How do you know that you're right?
If you're not nervous anymore,
It's not so bad, it's not so bad

You offered them a new life, where they
will be powerful, they will become your
Wreaths, and they will be eager to follow you.

We are the earth intruders
We are the sharp shooters
Flock of parachuters
Necessary voodoo

There is turmoil out there
Carnage, rambling
What is to do but dig
Dig bones out of earth

Mud graves! Timber! Morbid trenches!

Here you go! You are doing this for the
best you suppose - it is, really. You will
become the monsters and destroy this corrupt
land - all of it.
March forward, march, march, march.

I see your dirty face
High behind your collar
What is done in vain
Truth is hard to swallow
So you pray to God
To justify the way you live a lie
Live a lie
Live a lie

And you take your time
And you do your crime
Well you made your bed
I'm in mine

Because when I arrive
I, I'll bring the fire
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What this is, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock

Oh that Vongola! He is too
much! Hiding in the basement like
a rat - but you! You will show
him exactly how it's done.
He's only lying to himself, you
know. And you can't have that! You
will show how to be the best. And he
will come alive - just for you.

You must see my wake
They scream when they look at me
I'm a, I'm a star
I'm a, I'm a star

I'm a star
Oh, I'm a star

Alpha dog and o-o-omegalomaniac-ac
Alpha dog and o-o-mega-megalo
Welcome to the new déjà vu
I can almost see the wizard through the curtains
Alpha dog and o-o-omegalomaniac-ac

You are the best - you deserve
this - the world. All of it! It needs
you, because it is only killing itself
without you. Can you handle this?

Heh ho they love the way I do it
Heh ho there's really nothing to it
I got the moon I got the cheese
I got the whole damn nation on their knees
I got the rooster I got the crow
I got the ebb I got the flow

I got the sizzle but not the steak
I got the boat but not the lake
I got the sheets but not the bed
I got the jam but not the bread

But, hey -I'm big in Japan I'm big in Japan

Of all the places you've
been, you think you like
Japan the best. Mm - those
sweet potatoes. Those will
probably be the only things
that will survive here anyway.

Every day I'm a star in the city
Walk the streets like a wanted man
All the time got my shine lookin' pretty
Mother fuckers all know who I am

Every day feel the heat in the city
Like the barrel of a smoking gun
Read the signs see the lights they're so pretty
Your the one now turn me on

(Hey) give it all up for me

Finally! They are realizing it!
And they will give it all to you.
You were always meant to be king.

We are the shaken
We are the monsters
Underneath your bed
Believe what you read
We are
We are mistaken
We are the voices
Inside your head
Believe what you see

You will crush them - watch the
life bleed from them yourself. You
and your posse of self-created little monsters.
Watch out~

I’m not street but I do what I gotta do
So what? You got a crew?
I got a crew too
I’m not street but I do what I gotta do

I’ve crashed up joints in Tokyo
And I may not be loved,
but they
always recall my name

I’m the last man standin' yeah
And I ain't never scared

That Tsunayoshi-kun just thinks he's so
tough, yeah? Well, you will show him! You
will have him bow before you - along with his
stupid friends. Because you do what you have
to do.

I'm here with all of my people
Locked up with all of my people
So let me hear you scream if you're with me

So let's head in your room lovely
I'll follow
All around the world for you
And you'll find out tonight oh it's a world of extreme

Oh they'll take all our ceremony
They'll never
Find a happy hope for you
But know that's not the only chance you'll get, yeah you'll see

Here you are - its the final battle; you
can feel it. And you have brought them, just
like he has brought his own. You are ready
for the screams.

I got e goods
I got it goin' on
I got - goods - goods
I got it goin' on
I got the goods - goods - goods

What you want from me'
Ya I got wat you need

Ya bird there's a plane
Biggest midget in the game
I know you know my name
I know you know my name

Have you heard'
I'm insane
Biggest midget in the game
I know you know my name
I know you know my name

You already know...you're pretty
much a BAMF. End of story.

Yo! I crack the whip, you play the game.
Every encounter that’s obstructionary comes in my name,
so that you came to become obsessed with my location.
Clues to my identity: denied to the impatient.
Step up! I sense you’re on the precipice of something.

Me, I’m on the brink of delivering your lumpings:
Make you load your save up for the fifty fifth time,
Make you scroll through unskippable dialog lines,
And you still ain’t any closer to discovering why.
Got technology for lackeys that can hover and fly.
Got them other two guys in their sights and apt to wreck them.
Give the beatdown to you quicker than your finger in Tekken.

I crack the whip, you play the game...
you’re not going to get the final boss tamed.

That Vongola is just not understanding!
You are the one in control here - he's never
going to win against you. What about that is
uncomprehendable? Stupid Vongola~

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side note: megalomaniac:
1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.
2. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.
badass mother f*cker.

The TYL mixes are coming up next. :) Followed by the Giotto fanmix maybe.

WORKING ON: Iemetsu/Nana, Kyoko & Haru, Mukuro/Tsuna, Hibari/Tsuna, Tsuna/Chrome, Yamamoto/Gokudera, Tsuna/Enma, Lal/Collonello, Dino/Squalo, Squalo, Lussaria, Mammon, Mukuro/Tsuna/Hibari, Belphegor, Belphegor/Gokudera, Hibari vs. Mukuro, Longchamp, Dino, Chikusa, Byakuran/Tsuna, Ryohei/Yamamoto, Mukuro/Gokudera, Reborn/Tsuna, Ryohei/Mukuro, Hibari/Chrome, Hibari/Haru, Gokudera/Tsuna, Yamamoto/Tsuna/Gokudera, Varia, Hibari/Gokudera, Reborn/Lambo, Dino/Tsuna, Hibari/I-Pin, Bianchi/Reborn, The Kids, Uni, Giotto, Shimon Family, Byakuran/Irie, Yamamoto/Hibari, Yamamoto/Squalo, Xanxus/Tsuna, Xanxus/Squalo, Yamamoto & Tsuna & Gokudera (bffls), TYL Guardians (individual and group), and Regular Guardians Normal/Instrumenal (group).

I don't think I am going to be taking requests for a while...mostly because...well, have you seen this list? XD Ideas and suggestions are always fun though. ♥

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Current Music: The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot - Brand New
[La Consigliera]: *sigh* Gammamakemegray on July 16th, 2010 09:11 am (UTC)
Woo~ Another FST

Also....I think it's safe to say...even as much as I absolutely despise the White Spell....I'm hating Shimon even more.
   blas·phe·mous™mychemical_lust on July 16th, 2010 03:35 pm (UTC)

Um, yup?

Yeah, I thought they could be kind of cool, but after the Yamamoto incident and the latest chapter, I'm kind of hating them too. I wish the mangaka had done something fun again like the Daily Life Arc or something...
[La Consigliera]makemegray on July 16th, 2010 07:35 pm (UTC)
Lol, dl'ed~ Even though I hate him so~

For a while though it sort of was. There were the chapters where Yamamoto taught Kaoru to play in public and Gokudera and Shit-P had their chase around Namimori. , even though I've always been suspecting something like this would happen, ever since they were introduced as a Mafia family, they had fun at one point.

What makes me pissed off though...is the betrayal of it. At least the White Spell was out and out evil and never said anything else. I get it, that Enma feels Tsuna forsook him but...Dude...ever hear of talking shit out?

Enma: Why didn't you come when you saw my letter?
Tsuna: What letter?
Enma: The one that said I was kidnapped and about to die a horrible death?
Tsuna: ....*some explanation that leads to the discovery that Lambo is to blame*
Enma: Oh...okay...you're not so bad after all.

Vongola + Shimon: *eat cupcakes filled with rainbows and everyone is happy again*

/End of the Arc
   blas·phe·mous™: ❝ i'm trusting you ❞mychemical_lust on July 16th, 2010 07:46 pm (UTC)

Yeah - I agree. The betrayal definitely pissed me off. And I think I like your ending best. And I was kind of hoping that would be the ending. I like talking it out. Enma has kind of turned out to be a bitch. And he's kind of unrealistic. Like, they didn't do any real research on the whole Shimon Primo death battle thing. I mean, you just know there's more to the story that they are going to find out and then the Shimon will just look like a bunch of twats.

And I agree with you there. With White Spell there was never any 'omg bffs; jk, jk.'

This whole arc has made me disappointed in KHR. I just want it to be over. And I hope she doesn't drag it out for like, a year. D: If so, I would have to quit the series for a while. This arc is already making it not be fun anymore. I also miss the wank and am getting into other fandoms instead of just lurking like I normally do...

I was also annoyed by how little power they actually had against the Shimon. Srsly? Tsuna just killed a guy...by disintegrating him. Where is all that power now?

I just want this arc to be over as soon as possible.
[La Consigliera]makemegray on July 16th, 2010 07:52 pm (UTC)
I'll never leave KHR, I'll stick it out....but I'll still be pissed off. And I'll rant and rage on my facebook at every chapter like I still do with Bleach even though...Holy FUCK, they take so damn long.

It's the shounen formula though: They get spectacularly defeated and then they train and then the beat the shit out of the enemy. KHR, for all that it was supposedly written for female fans, still follows that. Even though the rings broke, theres the catch that they probably weren't using the unsealed ones right since they'd never used them in battle before.

The Ninth's Guardians are likely going to train them to do so, even though they never unlocked them (probably) and then Shimon will look like major twats and disappear never to be seen again for three more arcs.

Like the Tomaso...L-lol, not gonna lie, it made me really damn happy to see Longchamp.
   blas·phe·mous™: ❝ no one will ever love you ❞mychemical_lust on July 16th, 2010 08:19 pm (UTC)

Ah~ You like Bleach too? Haha, what do you think the recent arc?

Yeah, I know. But I can still hope.. X) After this is over, I really hope there can be a break or something. Isn't Tsuna supposed to take Haru and Lambo to an amusement park?

Ah, I didn't know that - it was written for female fans. That's kind of neat-o. :)

I'm also hoping to see more of the Primo kids. er, people - you know? I want an actual story line and everything. I didn't really watch that part in the anime. I sorta just caught up with it thanks to the weeklytuna.

Me too! I've been waiting to see the importance of that kid since he was introduced and he didn't make an appearance in the future arc which made me kind of sad. D: I was glad to see him too! He's a fun kid X) Makes me wonder what she has in store for him.

[La Consigliera]makemegray on July 16th, 2010 08:30 pm (UTC)
Oh my god....I just want it done with...I don't know if it's gonna end after this because I haven't heard anything about it...but it's ridiculous.

Yeah...I read all of the big manga off and on. Naruto too...I just...have to skip parts...because it gets to be fucking annoying.

I read somewhere that she'd written it to connect with female fans, hence all the good looking characters, lol.

I love the fact that she's got so many characters, it makes writing fic incredibly easy, but she has a tendency to introduce characters and then never do another thing with them, like she did with Shouichi at one point. I've always wondered if she had the whole Millefiori thing planned out from the get-go with him.

Maybe Longchamp will be really important in this arc....Ha-haha, unlikely....
   blas·phe·mous™mychemical_lust on July 16th, 2010 08:46 pm (UTC)

I agree. And I do the same - read the big manga on and off. Naruto and Bleach though, I can't get into One Piece. I stop reading it for a few months and then get back into it. I normally don't miss anything.

I think this Aizen thing has been going on for too long though. But whatever.

That's true, I guess. I want to know more about the ramen guy who helped them out in the future arc, too. I mean, it was cool to see since he is always mentioned with future I-Pin and I hope we see him more in the future as well.

Hopefully! I want to know what his deal is. And he's hilarious. I've had a half completed mix for him for a while now, but there really isn't a lot to his character so far. He seems so interesting! And I think it would be cool to see what she has planned for him.
[La Consigliera]makemegray on July 16th, 2010 08:54 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I do the same thing with One Piece. I read it when my friends who read it ever week say something interesting is going on and keep at it for a few chapters and then....stop reading it.

The only things that I read every week without fail are KHR, Bleach and Fairy Tail.

I am so goddamn tired of hearing about Aizen. I want Ichigo to learn his supercook technique, kill him and Gin and then, if it's not gonna end, then move on. Same thing with Naruto. They and OP are even worse than KHR with long arcs and that is really saying something.

Lol, yeah. Like I said, the dead end characters make it easier to write stuff. Like I'm using Kawahira in a fic just because we don't know shit about him yet so theirs no cannon to screw with.

And I don't believe she'd introduce a character as lulzy as Longchamp and just...have nothing ever planned for him again. Something has to happen with him. It just has too. In the mean time, I'll be writing fic with him in it too.